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sanded surface, orange stripe and outline of nude, Ouides towers, and square of Sonoma just visible
Female Gaze Uncovered in a Vineyard in Sonoma
acrylic and sanding
2' x 4'

This had been two earlier paintings. The first was "A Vineyard in Sonoma," and was shown in March 2009. That was painted over, and the second work was an anonymous reclining nude, with an arched back, set against the three bell towers of Ouides, in the Auvergne, in France. But neither of the previous two paintings seemed strong enough to me, on reflection, so I sanded the odalisque until I got a clean surface with the previous brushwork showing through. Now, I have painted and sanded over this painting, which is now in a new incarnation, called "From a Vineyard in Sonoma to the Bar at the Folies-Bergere."