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big dark blue swatches of paint, faint SEAGLASS stencil right
SEAGLASS; Women Writing Letters on the Wall
(Spending Time in Cities series)
acrylic, collage, stencil
20" x 16"

(See "Ingres' and Manet's Odalisques" for series explanation). I took a painting that I had worked on between 2010 and 2013 and stripped the collage and sanded and painted over the paint. I have been looking at graffit'di walls and am very interested in the way a tagger and a buffer (the person who comes along to paint over the tag) relate to each other. There is, sometimes, a kind of dialogue between them. So I am taking pages from my journals of the last two years and pasting them to my prepared "walls" -- the painted and "graffiti'd" canvas-- and then sanding on rolling over them, the way someone might do who owns the wall. Sometimes I leave a message up; sometimes it is partly or fully obscured. Always, though, the lettering and images and layers are my own.