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RED stencil, box against painting support, matchbook, brushes, Savarin can
acrylic, coffee can, rag, brushes, pushpins, stencil, matchbook on wood

This was created for The Gallery Route One (Point Reyes Station, CA.) Box Show of 2014; this is our annual fundraiser, lasting from August 1-September 14 this year. It's a silent auction until the final night, when the auction goes on live at the gallery. The box seemed to be the size an artist might have around the studio, and I determined that I would make the box as if it were used by Jasper Johns. It has wax, paper clips, pushpins, a stick of pastel, a matchbook, a stencil, some paint drippings... all to season the box and support. I have been reading about Johns and we have seen two local shows that included his work in the last weeks. I have written a blog piece about him, too ...(artistinanaframe.blogspot.com)