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mostly white left part, blue painter's tape, collage, multi-colored drips right side
After Manet
acrylic, collage, pencil, marker, tape on wood
36" x 48"

I have been looking at graffiti on walls. Stucco, brick, wood planks, even marble walls all become battlefields. The graffiti artist --with or without permission—marks his place. The person who comes later to re-claim the wall and re-paint, called the buffer, never quite gets the wall back. And so the walls provide layers of meaning: of longing, of claimed ownership, of loss. I create imagined walls with their accumulated or erased layers of paint and collage; all the walls and designs are my own. I use the originals just for the words and the moment of inspiration. This painting is titled afetr a piece of monotype that comes from a sketch I did of a Manet bouquet.