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If The Street Were Time I
If The Street Were Time I
Mixed on paper
14' x 17"

"This Section Intentionally Left Blank" always drives me crazy on official papers. This series of 5 paintings, "If The Street..." is named for a line in T.S. Eliot's "The Boston Evening Transcript":

"...Wearily, as one would turn to nod good-bye to Rochefoucauld,
If the street were time and he at the end of the street..."

Because I am thinking about time and how one might cross over it. These drawings give me light and space. I think of the beginnings of a painting -- how a painting first backs away, but eventually takes on its own life -- pulls me in. These new works mark time, give me a ritual and a new-fired imagination. I feel as though I am beginning a new moment in time, all over agin, every time.

These are watercolor and ink, with the occasional collage of acrylic, on paper.