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stencilled LOOK, Leigh Bowery, Charley in profile and in reflection, Jasper Johns-style target
LOOK: On Reflection ... Lucian Freud's Leigh Bowery Attends Target Practice (with Jasper Johns)
acrylic, collage, stencil, pencil on wood
16 x 20"

There is a photograph of Leigh Bowery posing in Lucian Freud's studio. He is drawn up to his full height, almost reaching the skylights, it seems. Again, as with the other works in this Odalisque series, I am placing him in a new context where he can be seen. When we saw the show of Lucian Freud's work, years ago in New York, one of the frustrating things was the glass over all the work. Were they afraid of people trying to touch the fleshy canvas? The glass made it difficult to see the paintings without also seeing the room, your own reflection, the lights.... I have put Bowery back into that reflective state, with a viewer looking, and reflected, at left.