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I waited, flat out with eyedrops, for the cataract surgeon. He took his time. I started pulling mental threads: school, the shoreline, art classes, Charley, the children. This is the French thread, our house in Normandy, Le Petit Fay. I worked at a big farm table, under a light on a pulley (a French specialty), and read Petit Nicolas, children's stories, which I annotated in pencil: chiffonner, to crumple or crease; j'ai à faire, I have things to do... But we never did fit in seamlessly... so in this painting, I am, with my eye patch (less Johnny-Depp-as Keith-Richards that the Borg), looking back with my new lens...

Ann's eyepatch right, french lamp and desk left
Le Petit Fay/Petit Nicolas
acrylic, inktense, watercolor, collage on paper
14" x17"