Ann Knickerbocker

I am an artist member of the The Essex (Connecticut) Art Association and The Mystic (Connecticut) Arts Center.

We have completed the studio space renovation, and I am looking forward to creating larger works, like this one, two bolted-together wooden canvases, 24" x 60" -- it is called "What Larger Narrative Does My Life Fit Into?" It has just been accepted into a juried show at the Essex Art Association (Connecticut).

Since we live near Amherst, Emily Dickinson's town, we are, of course, always reading her work. Here are two of my favorite lines:

.... out upon Circumference --
Beyond the Dip of Bell --
(from "I saw no Way--" poem 378, Johnson)

The poet is going where, as Helen Vendler notes, "no church bell could reach her." This is what I am now working towards, to take the natural world that changes all the time here and make it travel "Beyond the Dip of Bell" in art.