Ann Knickerbocker

I am an artist member of the The Essex (Connecticut) Art Association and The Mystic (Connecticut) Arts Center.

We have completed the studio space renovation, and I am looking forward to creating larger works, like this one, "A Study in Blue and Pink," which I have entered in a juried show.

Since we live near Amherst, Emily Dickinson's town, we are, of course, always reading her work. Here are two of my favorite lines:

.... out upon Circumference --
Beyond the Dip of Bell --
(from "I saw no Way--" poem 378, Johnson)

The poet is going where, as Helen Vendler notes, "no church bell could reach her." This is what I am now working towards, to take the natural world that changes all the time here and make it travel "Beyond the Dip of Bell" in art.