Ann Knickerbocker
What art can do... and shouldn't do. I am painting imagined city walls. I might begin with a weathered mural, or pasted-up ads, or work to suggest marbled walls with paint splatters. I hand-paint my graffiti and layer paint, papers or photographs. Over-layers can look like the rubbing-out of graffiti, but all of the layers are meant to be visible, the light piercing through the stages of the wall's life.

In the show at Gallery Route One (mine is one of 3 shows with an opening reception on Sunday, November 9th, from 3-5:00) I will be displaying combined canvases -- scrolls, really. 8 paintings on wood (7 that measure 16" x 20" and one at 36" x 48") will be digitally re-printed (by The Blow Up Lab in San Francisco) onto canvas in the interior of the Annex Gallery. The "walls" themselves will thus be reproduced and will be remove-able at the end of the show.