2015 box with brass/copper object against flowers

In December, 2014, my husband and I moved from the West to the East Coast. I am now an artist member of the cooperative gallery A3 in Amherst, Massachusetts and The Essex (Connecticut) Art Association.

Until we renovate the space for a studio here this summer, I should be working in smaller formats, but I cannot wait, and am hefting around larger canvases already...

This work, created for Gallery Route One's 2015 Box Show (the annual fundraiser for this alternative and wonderful Point Reyes Station, California gallery) is called "The War of the Beach Roses." I found this small brass-and-copper object on the East Beach of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, not far from a beach-rose lined path down to the sea. The box became my canvas and my frame... I have taken this box, as Emily Dickinson wrote

.... out upon Circumference --
Beyond the Dip of Bell --
(from "I saw no Way--" poem 378, Johnson)

The poet is going where, as Helen Vendler notes, "no church bell could reach her." This is what I am now working towards, to take the small world that we see here in spring and summer and make it go that far in art.