Ann Knickerbocker
My work now is mixed media paintings, on wood or paper. The "mixed media" might include acrylic paint, stenciled letters, marker, pencil, collage, roller, painter's tape, cloth or staples. This series was inspired by the graffiti that we have seen in London, Paris or San Francisco. In wealthier areas, graffiti is quickly and professionally painted over and becomes invisible. In middle class and poorer areas, the owners themselves attempt to paint over both scribbles and works of graphic art, sometimes with several colors of paint: whatever is handy. This over-painting is called "buffing." Graffiti often emerges through the layers anyway, and might then be painted over again, which often creates a geometric, roller-lined abstract art in itself. There is an artist in England who writes stories for his "buffer." The layering creates a kind of strange narrative inspiration for me, but all the images and graphics I print are my own.