Ann Knickerbocker
In December, 2014, my husband and I moved from the West to the East Coast. I am now an artist member of the cooperative gallery A3 in Amherst, Massachusetts and The Essex (Connecticut) Art Association.

Until we renovate the space for a studio here this summer, I should be working in smaller formats, but I cannot wait, and am hefting around larger canvases already...

This small work, on paper, takes the expansive curves of Emily Dickinson's hand-written manuscripts and plants their elegance against the Amherst brown soil... this word, the beautifully-designed (by the poet!) "were" is taken from her delicate handwriting in a manuscript poem "I saw no Way," where the narrator dares to go

alone --
A Speck upon a Ball --
Went out upon Circumference --
Beyond the Dip of Bell --

This poet is going where, as Helen Vendler notes, "no church bell could reach her." This is what I am now working towards, to take the small world that we see all the time and make it go that far, in art.