• Essex Art Association Spring Juried Show

    Essex Art Association Spring Juried Show

    My painting "The Four Truths of Buddhism, I" has been accepted into The Essex Art Association's Spring Juried Show, "Anything You Want." This means that I was able to apply to become an Elected Artist, and I have been accepted. The paintings of four other artists from gallery One CT were also juried into the spring show at Essex.

  • The Ekphrastic Review, beginning June 2016

    "Collaboration with Charles D. Tarlton and Ann Knickerbocker" is a series of three ekprastic poems written by my husband, each written about and published with a painting of mine. We begin with "Stereoptical Study XX: for Susan Howe." Online over three consecutive Sundays in the journal of art and writing, The Ekphrastic Revew, http://www.ekphrastic.net/

  • A View from the Easel

    My work space has been pictured on Hyperallergic, "A View from the Easel":


    And I have three posts from my blog -- artistinanaframe.blogspot.com -- featured on Painter's Table. Thank you, Brett Baker!

  • All images and writing copyrighted ...

    Copyright, Ann Knickerbocker. Please ask me if you would like to use my work to discuss, pass along, or pin ... Thank you.

    While I do have an Instagram account, artistinanaframe, I should mention here that I do not have a twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn account... those belong to another Ann Knickerbocker! I do now have a FB account, along with one or two other Ann Knickerbockers, because it connects to our @galleryonect FB and Instagram accounts!