• "Looking Up" at Hope and Feathers, Amherst, Massachusetts

    I will be exhibiting together with Rhys Davies at Hope and Feathers in Amherst, Massachusetts from October 5-28, 2017. Davies and I first met when he was showing work at Hope and Feathers two years ago, and I wrote a blog piece about his work (artistinanaframe.blogspot.com, June 11, 2015). Each of us will spend time painting in the gallery, which should be very interesting, as our styles are so different!

  • The Artists of Gallery One: Revive/Reset/Respond

    Gallery One artists (see www.galleryonect.com) will be showing our work at the Marquee Gallery, 74 State Street, New London, Connecticut, from September 13- October 7, 2017. Our opening reception will be Friday, Sepetmber 15, 2017, from 6-8:00 pm. My painting "You Must Thrash This Out on Your Own" (60" wide) will be included. See you there!

  • The Ekphrastic Review, beginning June 2016

    "Collaboration with Charles D. Tarlton and Ann Knickerbocker" is a series of three ekprastic poems written by my husband, each written about and published with a painting of mine. We begin with "Stereoptical Study XX: for Susan Howe." Online over three consecutive Sundays in the journal of art and writing, The Ekphrastic Revew, http://www.ekphrastic.net/

  • A View from the Easel

    My work space has been pictured on Hyperallergic, "A View from the Easel":


    And I have three posts from my blog -- artistinanaframe.blogspot.com -- featured on Painter's Table. Thank you, Brett Baker!

  • All images and writing copyrighted ...

    Copyright, Ann Knickerbocker. Please ask me if you would like to use my work to discuss, pass along, or pin ... Thank you.

    While I do have an Instagram account, artistinanaframe, I should mention here that I do not have a twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn account... those belong to another Ann Knickerbocker! I am phasing out my FB account.