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MIMOSA stencil far right, Matisse figure far left, white, principally blue background
MIMOSA: Matisse's Seated Nude Visits (one of) Schiele's Two Women in the Hills Above St. Tropez
(Odalisque Series)
acrylic, pencil, pen, stencil on wood
18 x 24"

We saw this Matisse nude in the SFMOMA show "The Steins Collect." It is a complex little drawing, in the original, worked over more than many of Matisse's women, and yet it retains a kind of awkwardness that catches and holds the viewer. The Schiele nude at bottom is from a work of his called "Two Women," and there is also a leg stepping through the foliage. I imagined these bodies and partial bodies as meeting in the hills above St. Tropez, where we once encountered wild rosemary, fennel, eucalyptus trees, mimosa, palm trees, pepper trees, oleander and acacias. There are no observers there, only these perfumes and a place to sit and breathe them in.